Monday, July 13, 2015

Mini CHAMP Day 1

I have to start with a collage comparison of Kiddo age 3, and Kiddo age 5 exploring George Washington University campus before going to CHAMP.  Melts my heart, how fast children grow, and to realize that Kiddo was only a month or two older than Little Brother is now when he went to CHAMP the first time, well that seems crazy to me.

GWU+better.jpg (1600×960)
Kiddo, age 3.  July 2013
Kiddo, age 5.  July 2015

So anyway, we made it to mini-CHAMP (meaning it's a three day intensive, rather than a full week of CHAMP Camp).  I gave the awesome Jodi Kumar a hug, and then she and her clinicians whisked him off for an evaluation.  After the evaluation, we decided our goals would be to work on words with D and F sounds, as well as a list of words Hubster and I wanted him to say more clearly, including:

  • Kiddo and Little Brother's names
  • Computer
  • I'm hungry
  • I'm thirsty
  • Banana
  • Cereal
  • Dinner
  • Like/don't like

He has three sessions a day, so for the next two sessions they played lots of fun games working on those goals and some simple phrases, and Kiddo said "Fish" properly several times.  I was so proud I was clapping in the observation room, haha.  He also is saying "four" and "five" much clearer which also makes me proud.

Kiddo working on the F sound.  Jodi's on the left, clinician on the right.

Kiddo was so excited to ride the train and he was so cooperative during his sessions today, I was thrilled.  Jodi was commenting on how much personality he has now (he kept giving her hugs while she was working with him and she had to teach him the phrase "I want a hug" before he could get one, haha) and how much progress he's made since he was last there.  :)

Tonight Hubster and I are taking Kiddo to see the Minion Movie which will be a total surprise to him.  My in-laws are generously watching Little Brother for a few days so I can focus on soaking in as much as possible during the mini-CHAMP, which I am extremely grateful for.

Stay tuned for days 2 and 3 of Mini CHAMP!

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