Monday, February 13, 2017

Speech Video

The much-anticipated annual speech video is here!

Kiddo: Age 6 1/2.  Current speech diagnosis: Moderate apraxia, mild language delay.  We're making progress, woot woot!

So much progress in language, it's awesome.  Other people are able to understand a lot of what he says so I don't need to translate for him as much.  I tried to in this video just in case you couldn't catch it, but so far several people are saying they can understand most of what he said, whoo hoo!  So very proud of this guy. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Saturday, January 28, 2017


My little superman can finally jump from a higher surface while keeping his feet together.  He now jumps off of steps, curbs, playground equipment, and most recently, our couch.  Love it!!

Say Whaaaat?!

A few funny conversations with my kiddos:

Little Brother

Little Brother is a little obsessed right now with rainbows.  Here's a few statements about them:

  • I color it every color of the rainbow!  (he was so proud of it he took it to show n tell at school, hence why it's in the plastic cover in the picture).
  • I love every color of the rainbow.  And pink. And black. And brown.
  • I love you every rainbow in the sky!  (my personal favorite)

While watching Secret Life of Pets:
Little Brother: Buddy (the dauschaund) has a looooong butt!!

Me: How was school?
Little Brother: I fell and hurt my knee and now I'm tired.  Need go home go bed.
We get home...
Me: Ok, why don't you go to bed now, you said you're tired.
Little Brother: I not tired, I awake remember?

A few of his common phrases or fun ways of saying things:
Oh, nuts!
Bunnut = button
Quesada = quesadilla
Cheechos = Cheerios
Oyos = Oreos


Kiddo: I like the dogs white with black spots.
Me: Do you know what they're called?
Kiddo: Yes, dalmation.
Me: Maybe we should watch the movie 101 Dalmations.  I think you'd really like it.
Kiddo: No Mommy, that movie was out when you little kid.  It's really old.

Kiddo: That man has no hair!
Me: Yes, sometimes people shave their heads, or when they get old their hair falls out.
Kiddo: Yes, or it turn white.  I don't want my hair fall out, but it ok if it turn white.

After a weekend of storms and tornado warnings/watches in our area, one day his school bus was taking longer to arrive.
Kiddo: I hope a tornado didn't eat the bus.

A few of his common phrases:
Oh my gosh!
What the heck?
Of course!

I know I'm missing phrases and conversations and that's kind of cool.  I LOVE learning what goes on in my kiddos' minds. :)