Speech Videos

Short speech videos will be posted in various blog posts throughout the year, but each January or February I will post a longer speech video to demonstrate how much progress Kiddo made during the year.  I LOVE watching these videos (especially when I'm discouraged by how far he still has to go) just so I can remember and celebrate how much progress he has made.  Enjoy!! :)


Feb. 2013, Age 2 1/2.  Profound apraxia.  
Working with our awesome speech therapist, lovingly nicknamed Ms. Blessing.  We were so proud that he was FINALLY trying to make sounds and imitate our sounds.

Feb. 2014, Age 3 1/2.  Severe apraxia.
Amazing, the difference a year makes!!   Gotta show off the reading, it's honestly one of the best ways I've found to get him talking, which makes this former English teacher one proud mama.

Jan. 2015, Age 4 1/2. Moderate-severe apraxia.
We still have a long way to go, but the progress we've seen in a year is pretty amazing.  In this video I'm working with him on phrases using verbs with Nancy Kaufman's Speech to Language Workout Book.  

Feb. 2016, age 5 1/2.  Moderate apraxia.
Making lots of progress with language, answering questions, initiating conversation, etc.  Articulation is a whole 'nother beast.

Feb. 2017.  Age 6 1/2.  Moderate apraxia.

So much progress in language, it's awesome.  Other people are able to understand a lot of what he says so I don't need to translate for him as much.  I tried to in this video just in case you couldn't catch it, but so far most people are saying they can understand most of what he said, whoo hoo!  So very proud of this guy. :)

Little Brother:

Feb. 2015, age 2 1/2

So far, diagnosed with severe speech delay.  Most common words he says has to do with animals and their sounds, as well as saying "yeah" or "no."

  Feb. 2016, age 3 1/2
Still unsure yet if he has mild apraxia of speech, or if it's simply a severe speech delay.  I'm of course hoping for the latter.  He's starting to put words together into phrases and starting to use verbs.

Can't wait to see what progress we'll make this year!