Monday, July 6, 2015

Climbing New Mountains

I took Kiddo to Pump it Up, an indoor inflatable party zone.  This place is awesome, though the last time I've been there was when Kiddo was almost three.  Other kids his age were climbing on the inflatables by themselves, jumping around, having a great time.  But Kiddo wasn't able to do any of that.  I helped him up all the inflatables, went down the slides with him sitting on my lap, and left wanting to cry.  

It's been a few years since then, and we joined a friend of mine here for a play date.  Wasn't sure if he'd be able to climb everything by himself this time, but knew he'd have fun.  And he did.  

He did climb everything all by himself.

And he had a blast.

And I left with a smile on my face and my heart beaming with pride.

He may still have a long way to go, but times like this reminds me he really has come a long way. :)

Thumbs up for Pump it Up.  :)
Climbing every (inflatable) mountain.

The giant slide.  Love the face plant toward the end. 

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