Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Essential Oils and Apraxia

A friend of mine from church introduced me to the concept of essential oils.  She started sharing testimonies about how they helped her son's ADHD.  The Bible references essential oils, anointing the sick with oil, etc, but I thought at first it was kind of weird, so I didn't really look into essential oils right away.

Essential oils are the oils extracted from plant parts (flowers, bark, leaves, etc) used for aromatic or even medical purposes.  Each oil has different benefits, and there are so many testimonies of people experiencing healing using particular essential oils.

I decided to give it a try.  Several months ago I bought a bottle of Thieves, a blend of essential oils which helps kill viruses, bacteria, etc and helps boost the immune system.  The boys were getting colds about once a month and sometimes the colds would last four or five days.  A lot of times, they would end up with ear infections, croup at night and once Little Brother got a bad sinus infection.  I was so tired of the sickness, the trips to the pediatrician, yet more antibiotics, and having to cancel play dates and therapy appointments due to sickness.  So I bought some Thieves oil and started diffusing it in the home once or twice a week.  And since I've started using it, the kiddos have only had two colds, which only lasted about 12 hours.  As soon as the sniffles started, I began diffusing Thieves and I also rubbed some of the oil (with a carrier oil) on the bottoms of their feet.  And no coughing or croup or infections!  We'll see what happens come winter time, but so far I'm thinking this essential oil thing is helping.

So then I started researching essential oils for apraxia and sensory processing disorder.  Apparently, the most helpful oils (which interestingly enough can help with both apraxia and SPD) are:
  • Frankincense
  • Cedarwood
  • Vetiver
  • Brain Power

Some of these oils are not cheap, but I decided to try some.  I bought a bottle of Brain Power essential oil blend (which includes frankincense, cedarwood, and other oils that help bring more oxygen to the brain, support the nervous system, and help with focus and memory) and have started using it.  I haven't seen amazing results or anything, but I have noticed he is a little chattier lately.  Could be the oils, could be just maturity and progress, but I will keep applying it and see what happens.  I know it has helped me, I've been able to focus better when I use it, and it has helped me when I'm feeling anxious or overwhelmed. 

I then took Kiddo to someone who knows a lot about essential oils and sells them for Young Living, a company who is reported to sell the purest essential oils.  Anyway, this woman (who is an amazing believer and prayed a powerful prayer with me for Kiddo and myself) was able to run a scan of Kiddo's hand and my own, to provide biofeedback to see which essential oils would be most beneficial for our bodies.  The results indicated that the oil Kiddo needed most was Lemongrass.  Lemongrass is reported to help with lots of things, but what stood out to me was it helped with brain function and muscle tone.  (Kiddo has been diagnosed with hypotonia, or low muscle tone).   I researched to see if anyone else had used lemongrass with apraxia or dyspraxia and couldn't find anything, but did see some people used it for their children with hypotonia so I ordered the Lemongrass for him, and the oil that was recommended for me.  Can't wait to try them and see what results we get, using the oils that our bodies need, and continuing with the Brain Power.  :)

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For an update on our use of essential oils, and the newest essential oils we've added to our arsenal, check out my newest post Essential Oils for Special Needs.  Also, I would love if you would follow my new Facebook page Embracing This Special Life.  Thanks for stopping by!

The Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or an expert in essential oils.  I am only reporting what I have researched and experienced.  Please do your own research if you are interested in learning more about/using essential oils, and follow all recommendations for how to use each oil.  I am not a Young Living representative, only a customer impressed with what I've seen so far and wanting to share what I've learned with others. 


  1. What are the results of the lemongrass?

    1. Hi Amanda! Haven't seen much difference, but still using it a few times a week.

  2. I was wondering if you could give an update on your progress with Apraxia and using YL essential oils? Thank you!

  3. Hi Amanda and Jeni! Thanks for your interest, please check out my update post: