Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Progress Report

Hi folks!  We leave THIS weekend to head to Michigan to work with The Nancy Kaufman next week, I am so beyond excited!!!!  Can't wait to see what we both will learn.  Currently Little Brother and I have a cold, so pray that we're all better and there is no sickness during our trip.  That would be no fun at all.  My mom is coming with me to watch Little Brother while Kiddo is in his speech and OT sessions, and after his four day intensive we'll visit my relatives who live a few hours away from the Kaufman Children's Center.  

Anyway, without further ado, the progress report.


Motor Skills:
We just got back from his OT appointment.  I had asked his OT to reevaluate him so we could bring the report with us when we go to the Kaufman Children's Center so we don't have to pay the full price for their OT evals, which cost about $400.  Yikes!  Hopefully they accept this and we save some money.  Plus, I did want to know how he was improving, so here's the scoop in how he scored back when we evaluated in March and when she reevaluated him last week:

Locomotion (walking, running, jumping, skipping, etc)      22 months (in March)  ---->25 months (now)
Balance and coordination     27 months ----->34 months
Fine motor       15 months ----->28 months
Hand/eye coordination    38 months----> 40 months

Not as much progress as I was hoping for, but we're going in the right direction.  She didn't reevaluate his sensory stuff, which is where I think he's made the most improvement and what I'd be most intrigued to see regarding progress.

I'll admit I was a little disheartened by the numbers above.  We've been going to this OT for 8 months, and to see only a two or three month improvement in several areas is frustrating.  The fact that he's over four and measuring like a two-three year old in pretty much every way is uber discouraging.  But, he definitely has made progress, and apparently over a years worth of progress in his fine motor skills, whoo hoo!  I celebrate every baby step, every new skill, every victory.  Here's a video of him at our recent trip to the playground.  The fact he even attempted to climb this is huge.  He needs lots of encouragement, but he's getting there and getting stronger slowly but surely.

Speech:  I have found the perfect activity to keep Kiddo motivated while we practice his speech.  I found cute little Angry Bird cat toys at Walmart (shhh don't tell Kiddo what they really are), green pigs and a red bird and I'll set up paper cups in a pyramid fashion with the pigs strategically placed on the cups.  After saying a certain number of words/phrases he gets to throw the Angry Bird toy at the paper cups and knocks the cups and pigs down.  He LOVES this!!  I thought this would work a few times before it no longer motivated him to practice his words, but we've been doing it a few times each week.  The pic to the left is the Pinterest pic where I got the idea for the speech activity.  I love that site!

My new favorite random conversations with Kiddo

While reading a book about opposites:
Me: Look, The giraffe is tall. And the monkey is short.  
Kiddo: Yeah!
Me: Hey, is Daddy tall or short?
Kiddo: Tall.
Me: Is Mommy tall or short?
Kiddo: Short.  (thanks Kiddo).
Me: Is Brother tall or short?
Kiddo: (ponders for a moment).  Tall Baby!

At the consignment shop:
Cashier: Look, your mommy is buying you some games.  Do you want to go home and play games?
Kiddo: Game!  Ok!

The cashier and I both laughed, and honestly I was so excited that what he said was so clear that I didn't have to translate for him.  I left just feeling happy in my heart that he was perfectly understood by a stranger.  Victory.

Random:  Oh my gosh, this kid loves Angry Birds.  He could play it all day long if we let him, and he excitedly tells us how many stars he gets after he beats a level.  (Wa saa! = one star! Boo saaa! = two stars!  Bee saa! = three stars!)  We redecorated his room with Angry Bird wall decals and he was the most excited child I think I have ever seen.  I should have had my video camera out.  He smiles so much more than he used to, and tells me things all the time, though unfortunately half of the time I don't know what he's saying.  He is a master at working the DVD player and my iphone and anything computerized or digital.  He has started doing this coughing thing to get out of doing something he doesn't want to do.  Ex: speech therapist tells him to say a word that is hard for him, and he does this fake cough to (hopefully) get out of having to say it.  It never works, but he still tries, and I think it's cute, though I don't let him know that.  As you can tell by the above conversation, he now says "Ok!" after we tell him to do something, or we give him news that is exciting, which I think is adorable and makes me feel like I have such an obedient child, ha ha.   Ex: "Go get your shoes."  "Ok!"

Little Brother

He loves his animal crackers.  "Goka" is what he calls them.
Speech: We got Little Brother reevaluated for speech again.  He qualified again.  He hasn't gained any words since his second birthday in August and has been using the 50 or so words he had previously a lot less or not at all, which greatly concerns me.  Also, the way he says some of his words hasn't improved at all, which could be a red flag for apraxia.  Since apraxia is genetic, it's possible for both siblings to have it, and in fact I know of several families I've met online with two or even three kiddos with apraxia.  If Little Brother does have apraxia, it is no where near as severe as Kiddo's (Kiddo only said two sounds at Little Brother's age) and he definitely would only have speech apraxia, not the whole body apraxia that Kiddo does.  But, honestly I'm thinking that it's just a delay and with services by our beloved Ms. Blessing he'll pick up words quickly and be communicating better in no time.

Random: He LOVES puzzles, and gets really frustrated if he can't get one of the peg pieces to fit in properly.  Cue temper tantrum.  He's also started spitting if he's mad, which makes me wonder if the phrase "spitting mad" came about because of a toddler.  He has learned how to gallop and gallops everywhere, especially when he has an audience.  He is the best snuggler.  He'll climb into your lap (especially if you're using a laptop) and tuck his arms underneath him and get all cozy and just snuggle for a few minutes, and I gladly set my computer aside to soak those minutes up.  Bliss.

Anyway, that's about all for now.  Check back next week to see how things are going for us at the Kaufman Children's Center!! :)

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  1. Love that Angry Birds game idea! All of my boys love that game too! Thanks for sharing and good luck with Nancy Kaufman!