Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hello Fall Schedule!

Well, summer fun is done.  It was wonderful to have a lot less appointments over the summer break!  All we had was occupational therapy (OT) once a week at the clinic and speech therapy in our home twice a month, and I also took Kiddo to the chiropractor every other week because the OT noticed he was favoring his right side.  Turns out, his left side was a little tight, and a few chiropractic adjustments got him back into proper alignment. I was hoping the chiropractic adjustments would help him have a jump in his motor skills, but I honestly haven't noticed a difference in that area.  I worked with Kiddo on his speech and OT stuff, while having a few play dates and trips to playgrounds and other fun stuff like that.  Plus, we went on our wonderful beach trip.  It was a pretty great summer.

Now that the school year has started up, here's what our schedule looks like now:

Private Therapies:
Occupational Therapy at the clinic (Wednesdays)
Speech Therapy once a month with Ms. Blessing at our house (Thursdays)

School Therapies: 
Speech Therapy twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays)
OT once a month (Mondays)
PT once a month (Mondays)

Kiddo is no longer going to preschool, as both private therapy and preschool are expensive, so we decided to stick with private therapies, where we're seeing a lot more progress.  So I bring him to his old preschool or to the therapists' office downtown for his school therapies, and we work with him on his therapy homework and language and general preschool material and all that other good stuff at home.

Little Brother has learned how every single toy works in the waiting rooms, and which door leads to which particular mischief he can get into.  He's learning how to play games on my cell phone, just so I can keep him still for a whole two minutes and try and overhear how Kiddo is doing in his session. ;)

Life is full of busyness, but full of blessings too.

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