Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Speech Progress Report

Kiddo is in a speech surge!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!  I don't even know if it's a real term or not, but I've made it into one, because seriously, it's like he plateaus or makes painfully slow progress on his speech for sooo long, and then all at once, for a few weeks, new sounds, new words just flow out of his mouth.  But the big thing is, he's speaking in phrases now!  Wahooo!!

Here's some of his most common phrases:

  • Baby cry (he calls Little Brother Baby)
  • Daddy work
  • kick/throw ball
  • big burp (thanks for letting everyone know that Kiddo)
  • big boom
  • I need help
  • I want ____
  • Go potty
  • Wake up
  • Mommy book 
  • All clean
  • Brush teeth
  • Baby don't touch!
  • No Baby!
  • I'm four
  • Play Lego
  • Play game
  • Eat apple (his new fav fruit, and he says the "p" in apple now, I'm so proud.  Before it was "ah-oh")
  • open door (he now puts the "p" in open.  Before it was "oh-eh"  Consonants are good!)  

And some of his newest words:
  • Bible
  • star
  • brush
  • shorts
  • hiccup
  • puppy (he is mastering these "p" words! Wahoo!)

Now, I haven't included the pronunciation for most of these words, because sometimes they change based on if it's a word said alone or if it's in a phrase and based on where it's at in a phrase. I still have to translate for him a lot to others.  Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what he's saying and I have to rely on context, and him using sign language.  But we're making progress folks!  We're even having conversations!  Here's a few conversations we've had this week:

Kiddo: (Burps for a loooong time)  Big burp!
Me: Yes, it was a big burp.  What do you say?
Kiddo: Thank you.
Me: (trying not to laugh) No, what do you say after you burp?
Kiddo: Excuse me.  Big burp.

While eating some Nilla Wafers, Kiddo and I were looking at the back of the box, which were covered with those cute little minions from Despicable Me.  
Kiddo: (Pointing) One eye!
Me: Yes, he does have one eye.  Some of them have one eye and some have two.
Kiddo: (Proceeds to tell me 'one (two) eye..." for EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Seriously, this takes a minute or boo two.)
Me: Good.  Ok, how many eyes does Mommy have?
Kiddo: (looks at me) Two eye.  
Me: How many eyes does Little Brother have?
Kiddo.  Two eye.
Me: How many eyes do YOU have?
Kiddo: (Pauses then puts one of the Nilla Wafers in between his eyes)  One eye!

Haha, I had no idea this kid was so darn funny!

*           *          *

Little Brother's words are coming too!  He will be turning two later on this week, I can't believe it!  He had only two words (go and da da for all done) for the loooongest time, and so we got him evaluated for speech by our beloved Ms. Blessing and she has been working with both kiddos once or twice a month.  She's amazing, seriously.  Anyway, within no time of her working her magic, Little Brother was making the noises of animals and slowly adding new words.  He no longer qualifies for speech therapy anymore, as he's made so much progress and now his speech is within the normal range for typical development, yippee!

Now, I'd guess he has about 50 words, plus his animal sounds, which I've read is the magic number before they start putting them into phrases.  Here's some of his most common words and their current pronunciations:

Goka = cracker.  His all time favorite snack.
Tizza = pizza.  His all time favorite food.  Hubster and I have to spell it because he seriously hears that word from wherever he is and runs to the oven looking for it.  If I drive past a Little Caesar's or Pizza Hut and he spots it, he'll let me know.
Baba = banana.  His all time favorite fruit.  He asks for this the second we go to get him in the morning, as he always has a banana for breakfast.  Well, good morning to you too, kid.
Go go go! = anytime we are going to go anywhere.
Teetee = TV.  He asks for this ALLL the time.  He hears no a lot.  
Dee = drink
Da da = all done
Mo = more
Hep = help
Tuck = stuck
Opeh = open
Pwee = please
Kookoo = thank you
Deedee = outside   This sounds remarkably to me like drink and TV and since he's realized I assume he's asking for a drink or TV first he's learned to just go to the door when he says it
No.  Or oftentimes No no no!
Boo = book
Bubba = bubbles
Gapa = Grandpa
Gaba = Grandma
Poopoo yuck!  = no translation needed.  His only phrase so far.
Puhpuh = potty.  Hmm, I'm wondering if this kid is going to be potty training soon.

*          *         *

I know there's a lot more I'm forgetting, but man oh man, I am cherishing all these sweet apples of gold!   I plan on recording and posting speech videos of both of them sometime soon.  I keep meaning too.  Eventually I'll get around to it. ;)


  1. So happy to hear they are doing well! We look forward to seeing you guys soon!