Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kiddo's Prayer

Either Hubster or I pray with Kiddo before bed every night, but we've always taken the lead on the praying part, and then let Kiddo say Ah-eh! (Amen!) at the end.  But last night, I decided to do a fill-in-the-blank prayer.  See if he'd participate.  And I was so proud that he did.  This is how it went:

Mommy: What do you want to tell God thank you for?  Thank you for _____?
Kiddo:  Mommy.  (huge grin)
Mommy:  Good.  Thank you for ______?
Kiddo:  Daddy.  (another huge grin)
Mommy:  Thank you for ______?
Kiddo:  Baby.  (That's what he calls Little Brother).
Mommy:  Thank you for ______?
Kiddo: (points to his mouth)
Mommy:  Say it.  Thank you for _______?
Kiddo:  Tee!  (Teeth!)   Ah-eh!

I had no idea he was so appreciative of his pearly whites.

And here's a random picture of his latest craziness. Reason 1,001 why we should always have our bedroom door closed.

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  1. So sweet. I leave the prayers open ended too and I love it. Sometimes she's grateful for her stuffed animals, sometimes it's various friends she saw that day. Sometimes it's something simple like her jammies. Love it. Plus, you are teaching them to find something each day to feel grateful for. I think it's just a great lesson to teach them early.