Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gross Motor Progress Report

Kiddo's gross motor plateau he's been on FOR-EV-ER seems to have transitioned into a gross motor skill surge.  And I'm thrilled.

He now walks up and down curbs, rather than squatting to go up/down, or needing to hold our hand to do so.  Whooo hoo!!!  Although he hesitates, and I can see him wanting to revert back to what he's used to, with encouragement he will step up or down without squatting or holding our hands--most of the time.  It's a work in progress, but hey, it's progress.

Kiddo can now do the wheelbarrow.  For the longest time, he lacked the upper body strength to hold himself up.  And once he could hold  himself up, he couldn't figure out the motor coordination to walk on his hands.  But a few times a week we would practice, with me holding on to his waist rather than his feet.  Within a few weeks he was able to go 3 or 4 'steps' without needing to rest, and now he can go about 10 or 12 before he's too tired to continue. :)

Kiddo can also walk on tiptoe.  Yeah, he couldn't do that before.  I read it was a precursor to being able to jump, so we started working on that skill until all at once it clicked for him.

He also has had GREAT improvement in his climbing skills.  He can now climb a ladder, climb up onto the side of the couch, and is much more confident on playground equipment.  He also can climb indoor play places!  He couldn't climb up those huge platform/steps before, so he would just play at the bottom of those play places in the "Tot Spot," and clap and do his happy dance whenever someone went down the slide.  Unless, I went up with him to help him, which is really hard to do with a toddler, and definitely not fun for me.  But now, he can climb to the top of the play place by himself!  In fact, he didn't want to come down when it was time to leave--a whole new world to explore, but he climbed back down on his own. You can tell in the pic below, he was VERY proud, as was Mommy, Daddy and Little Brother.

Next steps, learning how to pedal the big wheel bike and learning how to jump on the trampoline--both items he got for Christmas from the grandparents.  Operation Grow in Gross Motor Skills is most definitely a go.

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