Thursday, November 21, 2013

Conversations to Savor

Naming Bath Toys
Me: What's the whale's name?
Kiddo: Whale.
Me: And what's the duck's name?
Kiddo: Duck.
Me: And what's the penguin's name?
Kiddo: (pause) Bob!

Me: What are you eating?
Kiddo: Pop-pop.
Me: Yeah, a lollipop.  Is it good?
Kiddo: Uh huh!
Me: What do you like about it?
Kiddo: (pulls it out of mouth and inspects it) O kakel (orange circle)
Me: That's right, it is an orange circle.  What else do you like about it?
Kiddo: Go cady. (good candy)

Kiddo: (from the kitchen) Cold!
Me: What's cold?
Kiddo: Cold!  (runs to me with a stick of butter I had just taken out of the freezer)
Me: Yes, it's cold.  I'm letting it get warm now.
Kiddo: (reading it)  Baba.
Me:  Yes!  Butter.  That was good reading!
Kiddo: Eat?
Me: No, we don't eat butter, we use it for cooking.
Kiddo: Dada!
Me: Yes, I know Daddy does a lot of the cooking, but Mommy is going to use it.  We're going to make some cookies.  You wanna help Mommy make cookies later?
Kiddo: Uh huh!  Cookie!

He loved rolling out the dough and using the cookie cutters. :)
So proud of this little guy and how far he has come in expressing himself.  This time last year, his only words were "ow" and "uh" for up.

God is so good. :)

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