Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CHAMP Camp Day 2

We arrived at GWU about half an hour early so we explored some of the campus before camp.

Then it was time for camp!  Ms. Katie said he had a blast during group therapy playing parachute.  Group therapy time is when we have our parent's education classes, so I miss all the fun, but I'm having my own fun talking with other parents and learning some things that will help the kiddo.

In his individual sessions he continued working on a list of 10 functional words we thought he should be working on, as well as learning to say "me" and "you" for turn-taking fun with Ms. Katie.  He also is learning to say "uh oh", which is so cute to hear him say. :)

Ms. Jodi popped in for a little while to help with one of his individual sessions.
After camp we stopped for lunch and had some pizza and then headed back to the metro.  Within moments he was fast asleep.

Since it is so stinkin' hot here, we decided to check out our hotel's pool.  The kiddo had a blast!

After our pool adventures, when I was digging through my bag, telling him I have to find the hotel key, he immediately replied "Key!"  Never heard the "k" sound come from his mouth before, so that was definitely awesome. :)

Tomorrow is Champ Camp day 3!  Can't believe camp is halfway over already...


  1. hey, I walk past those landmarks when I want to find a variation on my normal bag lunch.

  2. way to go Ethan ! Just loving his progress. Thanks for sharing Jenn. Way to go Mama. xo