Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CHAMP Camp Day 1

First day of camp!  First day of camp!

The kiddo was a little grumpy when we first got to camp, but before long he warmed up to everything going on and was a grand participant.  I didn't have as many opportunities to observe the kiddo as I will later, as we had several wonderful parent sessions, learning all about apraxia and therapy techniques by the awesome Jodi Kumar.  Plus, I spent a lot of time just talking with other parents who are going through similar journeys and it was wonderful to connect with parents who share the same struggles, and to talk with parents whose kids are much further along in their journeys and see how much progress their kiddos have made.

The kiddo's schedule
The kiddo worked with Ms. Katie on saying functional words (water, drink, eat, want, I, you, me, more, please, bubbles, mommy, daddy, baby, all done, etc) as well as putting the words into phrases:
  • "I want ____"
  •  "_____ please"
  • "more _____" 

Playing a speech game with Ms. Katie on the Ipad.

Ms. Katie and the camp obviously tired him out, as he fell asleep eating his lunch.  I had to carry the poor guy to the metro he was so exhausted.

Stay tuned for day 2 of CHAMP Camp!

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  1. Sounds like camp is going great! So excited that your little guy is getting some good speech therapy time in and glad that you are able to connect with some other moms. Can't wait to hear more. :)