Saturday, January 28, 2017

Say Whaaaat?!

A few funny conversations with my kiddos:

Little Brother

Little Brother is a little obsessed right now with rainbows.  Here's a few statements about them:

  • I color it every color of the rainbow!  (he was so proud of it he took it to show n tell at school, hence why it's in the plastic cover in the picture).
  • I love every color of the rainbow.  And pink. And black. And brown.
  • I love you every rainbow in the sky!  (my personal favorite)

While watching Secret Life of Pets:
Little Brother: Buddy (the dauschaund) has a looooong butt!!

Me: How was school?
Little Brother: I fell and hurt my knee and now I'm tired.  Need go home go bed.
We get home...
Me: Ok, why don't you go to bed now, you said you're tired.
Little Brother: I not tired, I awake remember?

A few of his common phrases or fun ways of saying things:
Oh, nuts!
Bunnut = button
Quesada = quesadilla
Cheechos = Cheerios
Oyos = Oreos


Kiddo: I like the dogs white with black spots.
Me: Do you know what they're called?
Kiddo: Yes, dalmation.
Me: Maybe we should watch the movie 101 Dalmations.  I think you'd really like it.
Kiddo: No Mommy, that movie was out when you little kid.  It's really old.

Kiddo: That man has no hair!
Me: Yes, sometimes people shave their heads, or when they get old their hair falls out.
Kiddo: Yes, or it turn white.  I don't want my hair fall out, but it ok if it turn white.

After a weekend of storms and tornado warnings/watches in our area, one day his school bus was taking longer to arrive.
Kiddo: I hope a tornado didn't eat the bus.

A few of his common phrases:
Oh my gosh!
What the heck?
Of course!

I know I'm missing phrases and conversations and that's kind of cool.  I LOVE learning what goes on in my kiddos' minds. :)

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