Friday, April 29, 2016

Major Updates

So, a lot has happened and I haven't been posting about it.  Busyness is the easy excuse, haha, so let's just go with that.   We've had lots of stuff going on, but I'll just list our major update on both kiddos...

Update on Kiddo: We're going to see the amazing apraxia expert herself, Nancy Kaufman, for two weeks this summer! I am so thrilled Kiddo was accepted into her summer SPEAK program.  She sees 12 kids every summer, four at a time for her summer camp called SPEAK, and Kiddo was the last kiddo selected to complete the 12. :)

Here's what his day will look like:
  • One half-hour speech session with Nancy Kaufman
  • One half-hour speech session with Nancy or another highly trained member of the SPEAK team
  • One half-hour dyad session with another child and a therapist
  • One hour-long group session with the other children in the SPEAK program
When we went to see her two years ago, Kiddo received an hour long speech evaluation the first day, and two half hour sessions with Nancy Kaufman for the next three days.  So with two weeks of individual focused time working on his speech and articulation, and this additional hour in a half of group time daily to build up his social skills and prepare him to make new friends in Kindergarten, (which he will be starting in August) I'm looking forward to lots of progress. :)  Like, beyond excited.  Can it be July already?!

But, now comes the part of figuring out the logistics.  It's $3,000 for the two weeks, plus lots of travel expenses.  I've applied for grants, but we'll see if we get anything.  Debating if we should do a fundraiser of some kind, because this isn't going to be a cheap two weeks, I can tell you that.  We have the money, and we believe it will be worth every penny, but let's just say it's a looooooot of pennies.

But we are thrilled we have this opportunity and for the support of family who will be watching Little Brother while Kiddo and I go to Michigan to learn from the apraxia expert herself.

Little Brother:  I have been trying to figure out what to do with Little Brother for the next school year.  All the church preschools have a loooong waitlist, even when I started looking in March, so I'm contemplating going the child care route that offers a preschool curriculum.  This kid needs to be around peers.  His speech articulation and phrases are exactly like his older brother's and no matter how much I work with him, he seems to be learning more from Kiddo than me or his speech therapist.  So I'm hoping by having him around peers he will learn from them as well and his speech will blossom.

He's been having a lot of issues with behavior, impulse control, stubborn willfulness, etc.  Some of it comes from his personality, but a lot of it comes from his sensory issues and anxiety.  I'm at a loss of how to help him anymore, and the thought of having him in preschool next year sounds awesome to be honest.  He is much better behaved for other people than for me and Hubster and so I think it would be best for everyone.

I tried to get him into the amazing preschool that Kiddo has been going to, but Little Brother did not qualify for it.  His speech is not severe enough to attend, and while his sensory processing issues are considered moderate-severe, schools do not recognize SPD as an educational need for special services.  I'm so thrilled with all the progress Kiddo made while going to such a great school focused on his needs, and while I'm disappointed Little Brother won't get the same opportunity, I understand where they are coming from.  So it's time to figure out other options.

So, I'm leaning toward a childcare setting, especially because they have flexible hours and I'm highly considering going back to work next year.  I've felt like I lost my purpose in life, except to be a wife and special needs mom, and I miss just connecting with people, sharing my passions with people, etc.  Since my teaching license has expired, I'm considering going back into substitute teaching (which I did before I got my teaching license) and see what happens.

I have IEP meetings for both kids the second week of May and I will post about that after their meetings.  I both look forward to and dread these meetings.  I will do anything for these little superheroes of mine, but honestly, I'm exhausted and looking forward to them both being in school next year.  Makes me feel a tad bit guilty, but I think it's time I focus on me again while having them in a school environment where they can thrive.  :)

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