Saturday, March 19, 2016

The First Loose Tooth Saga

While brushing Kiddo's teeth last Monday, I noticed he had his first loose tooth.  I told him about how his tooth was loose and that in a few days it would fall out.  A look of terror came over his sweet little face.  Yes, come to think of it, it does sound terrifying, right?  So I calmly explained the process a little better, and then launched into the exciting part.  That when his tooth falls out, he can bring it to Mommy or Daddy, (or his teacher if it falls out at school), and that Mommy and Daddy would get him a prize.  (Side note, we tell the kiddos about Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, and have even mentioned the Tooth Fairy a time or two, but we don't want the kiddos to believe they are real).  So, anyway, I told him when he gives us his tooth, we would give him a prize.

His face lit up.  "Like Chuck E Cheese?" he asked.

I laughed.  "Yes Buddy.  Like Chuck E Cheese.  We'll take you shopping and let you pick a prize, ok?"

"Ok," he happily agreed, wiggling his tooth for the next few days.

Last Wednesday the kiddos had a regularly scheduled trip to the dentist, and Hubster mentioned that the dentist might be able to pull his tooth out.  So, that got Kiddo excited about going to see the dentist.  They already get a prize from the dentist for a job well done, and the thought of a bonus one from Mommy and Daddy was too good a dream to be true.  So as soon as the hygienist called him back, he showed her his wiggly tooth.  "Look!" he proudly showed her.

She took him back, cleaned his teeth, and called me back when he was done.  "He did great" she declared, but I saw tears in Kiddo's eyes.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"No tooth out," he told me, showing me his tooth was still wiggling in his mouth.

"Well, you'll see the dentist in a few minutes.  He might be able to pull out your tooth, but he might not.  And if he doesn't, it's ok, your tooth will come out when it's ready in a few days, ok?"

Tears were still in his eyes, but he nodded.  The dentist arrived, declared him cavity free and that he would not pull the tooth.  And then he awarded Kiddo his prize, which cheered Kiddo up.

Little Brother did an awesome job until it came time for the flossing.  He would not let the hygienist floss his teeth.  But he was also cavity free and gladly accepted his prize.

Well, this morning I noticed Kiddo's tooth was leaning all the way forward, definitely ready to be pulled out.  Hubster asked if he could pull the tooth, and Kiddo bravely nodded, closing his eyes.

The tooth came out easily, Hubster and I cheered and Kiddo opened his eyes and simply declared "Oh."  And then he smiled, and ran off to see his new grin in the mirror.

Little Brother added "Me too!" and opened his mouth wide, pointing at his teeth.

"Not yet, Buddy," we told him.  "You've got to be five or six before you start losing your teeth."

"Ok," he said, pouting.

I took the kiddos to the toy store so Kiddo could pick out his prize.  He chose the game Mouse Trap, which the kiddos and I just played.

Exciting times, ya'll.  My little baby is growing up and losing his baby teeth.  They grow up so fast.

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