Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why Being A Special Needs Mom Isn't Something to Fear

I overheard two expectant mamas talking in a Chick-fil-A play area.  They sat together on one bench, oblivious to their older boys playing together, and they each were expecting a boy.  I watched my kids play with these soon to be big brothers.

These mamas chatted about due dates, pregnancy woes, and pediatricians.  And then the conversation took an unexpected turn.  One of the mamas confessed that she's constantly having fears that something will go wrong with the baby.  It even keeps her up at night.  What if something happened during the birth?  What if her child has special needs?

And the other mother joined in, that it's something she worries about too.  Then she added her own "what ifs?" but I tuned them out because my mind started whirling.

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