Friday, September 4, 2015

New Words/Phrases/Conversations

Oh my goodness, there's so many new words and phrases I don't even think I can list them all.  But here's a few of my favorite new words, phrases and conversations with the kiddos:


Hubster: (tucking Kiddo into bed).  Can I pray for you?
Kiddo: Of course!

Me: (sweeping kitchen floor).
Kiddo: Oh, good job, Mommy.

Me: Here, don't forget your backpack.
Kiddo: Lunchbox?  Peanut butter jelly?
Me: Yes, you have peanut butter and jelly in your lunchbox.  And strawberries too.
Kiddo.  (rubs his tummy).  Yummy!  Thanks Mommy.

Little Brother: (gives Kiddo a slobbery kiss on the arm)
Kiddo: Eww, yuck!  Big wet kiss!  Yuck!

Kiddo: (sees an ad for new Lego sets).  New Legos?
Me: I don't think you need new Legos now.  Maybe for Christmas.
Kiddo: Christmas?  Yes!
Me: Christmas isn't for a while though.  About 100 days.
Kiddo.  Oh. Lots days.
Me: Yes, you'll have to wait awhile.
Kiddo.  OK.
Hubster:  What do you want for Christmas?
Kiddo: TWO Legos!! (he was referring to two Lego sets)
Hubster:  Just two little Legos?
Kiddo:  NO! Lots, lots Legos!  Lots toys!  Christmas!!

Kiddo: Go outer space today?
Me: No Buddy, we can't go to outer space.
Kiddo:  Oh.  Later?

Little Brother:

He's finally starting to put two or three words together into phrases.  Most commonly heard are:

More drink.
More pizza please.
Oh sorry.
Oh, thank you!
Big kiss (before or after he plants a big slobbery one on you)
Big hug (as he's squeezing your neck)
Baby cry (every single time he hears anybody cry)

While ordering at Chick-fil-A
Cashier: Can I help you?
Little Brother: "Cow hat!" (see picture.  He LOVES the "cow hat")
Cashier: "Ok, here you go, a cow hat."
Little Brother: "Oh, thank you!"

His newest words and their pronunciations:
Pizza (said correctly. No longer Zizza, which I'm a little sad about.  I like zizza.)
Eephen.  (Elephant).
Nana (banana)
Yoyuck.  (yogurt.  He loves it).
Gas (Madagascar, the movie).
Mumu Me (Despicable Me.  Why do kids' movies have such hard names for kids to say?)
Bobot (robot)
Paint! (for anytime he wants to color anything.  Even if it's with crayons or colored pencils and not paint).
Coon up (Clean up)
Uhcorn (popcorn)
Bawoon. (Balloon)
Tees (tickles)
Coocake!  (Cupcake)
Gwapes  (Grapes)
Soo bus (school bus)
Hippo (Nipple.  He'll lift up his shirt and point to one of his nipples and declare them a hippo.)
Belly Butt! (Belly button.  Again, for when he lifts up his shirt to point out his belly butt and hippos.)
Numnut! (doughnut)
Chut (church)

Unfortunately, some of his pronunciations are not appropriate to write out, but I'll put them here so when he's older I can remember these stories.  As for now, it is so embarrassing to have him shout out these words when he sees these items.
Frog sounds like the F word.
Fish used to sound like the S word.  It has now changed to sound like the B word.

There's so much more I could put for each of them, but life is busy and their language flourishing at such a rate I cannot remember it all.  And the latter part makes me super happy. :)

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