Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kiddo Turns 5!

Kiddo is 5!!  I really am so proud of this kiddo, and how far he has come in his speech.  This is the first year he has ever been able to express how he wanted to celebrate his special day, and so we excitedly honored each and every one of his requests.  Check out this video of him sharing his b-day plans:

Party Time!!

Kiddo had a blast at Chuck E Cheese eating pizza and cake, unwrapping his presents, playing games, getting tickets, picking out his prizes, etc.  Some of his friends from church were there, as well as my parents and sister, and of course, Mommy, Daddy and Little Brother.  :)

My mother (the beautiful lady pictured below) made the minion cake.  It was so cute, and Kiddo was so excited to see it!  When it came time to eat it, he stabbed it with a fork and ate it like a popsicle.  Little Brother did the same thing, and ended up with blue frosting all over his face, shirt, and pants.

Kiddo's already mentioned Little Brother's upcoming birthday a few times. :) 

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