Thursday, April 30, 2015


Little Brother: (Hands me a ball of play dough) Pit! (Pig)
Me: Oh, it's a pig?
Little Brother: Uh huh.  (He then jabs one end of it.)  Butt!

Ah, any mother's dream gift.

*          *          *

Hubster: Hey, would you like to move to a new house?
Kiddo:  Yeah!  New house!  House dirty.

Thanks Kiddo.  So encouraging.  Don't think it's a good reason to move though...

*          *          *

Me: I love you.
Little Brother: I know!
Me: You're cute.
Little Brother: I know!

This is now his response every time you tell him you love him.

*          *          *

Hubster: Hey, your birthday is coming up.
Me: Yeah, you'll be five.  And you know what we'll do on your birthday?
Kiddo: Yeah.  Chuck E Cheese!

Not what I had in mind, but looks like I'll be planning a Chuck E Cheese b-day celebration.

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