Saturday, December 27, 2014

Funny Conversations

It's finally happening.  The kiddos are talking enough that we can have fun/random conversations, and get a better glimpse of what they're thinking and wondering about.  Here's a few of the latest ones:

We saw a reindeer on TV.  Little Brother's eyes got wide, he wiggled in excitement, and then proudly declared it a "Goat!!!"  Haha, I guess it does kind of look like one, and when you consider there aren't lots of books with reindeer in it, yes, I guess goat makes sense. ;)

Little Brother was showing off, as he tends to do.
Me:  Are you cute?
Little Brother:  Cute.  Yeah!
Me: Are you modest?
Little Brother: Yeah.

After eating pizza for dinner, Kiddo squatted down and pointed at his toes.  
Kiddo: Pizza?  Yuck!
Me: What?  Did you get some pizza in-between your toes?
Kiddo: Yeah, yuck.  Pizza eat.  No toes.

Kiddo hurt his finger and came to me.
Kiddo: Boo boo. 
Me: Aww, you got a boo boo?  
Kiddo: Band-aid.
Me: Well, its just a little boo boo, you don't need a band-aid.
Kiddo with total indignation: Little boo boo?!?  

Kiddo: Computer?
Me: No, no computer right now.  Let's go outside and play.
Little Brother: Outside!  Yeah!
Kiddo: Then computer?
Haha, guess I have a little negotiator on my hands now.

And totally random, but Hubster has taught Kiddo to say "Dang it bro" when something bad happens.  Hilarious to hear Kiddo say.

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