Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Multi-Word Phrases

Kiddo is in what I call a "speech surge" again and I am not complaining!  I am so proud of this kid and the progress he is making.  Some of the things he said today honestly shocked me, and so I wanted to record them here so I wouldn't forget them.  He is now officially in the multi-word phrase.  Pretty much everything he said today, was two, three or even four word phrases, though he did occasionally say a few one word phrases, such as pointing out a circle ("circo" as opposed to the "cako" he used to say), or that he wanted an orange ("or!") Starburst rather than the red I gave him.

So, without further ado, the fun and surprising things he said today:

  • "I wa pho peeze."  Probably unnecessary translation: I want phone please.  Normally in that case he would just say "pho peeze" and then with lots of prompting I can get him to expand to the four word phrase.  But twice today he came up to me saying that phrase completely on his own. 
  • "Los o egg"  Translation: Lots of eggs.  Today I located our Easter eggs in the garage, which for some reason were in the trick or treat pumpkin bucket.  So we played with both.  (Didja notice the Christmas cookie cutters in the picture above.  We played with the play-doh on Saturday.  A little variety in holiday traditions never hurt anybody, right?)  Anyway, I've never heard Kiddo say there was lots of something before, though I've heard him say egg several times lately and hence the reason I pulled out the Easter eggs early.  
  • "Cady i kukin"  Translation: Candy in pumpkin.  Apparently he remembered that you can get candy in the pumpkin and he wanted some.  So I obliged, and went to get him some.  Remember the "orange" comment I mentioned?  Yeah, that was related to this experience.  
  • "Two Cady." No translation needed.  Apparently the one orange Starburst was not enough for the kid.  He's gotten demanding, now that he knows the power of words (and that his mother is a sucker, giving in to most of his requests because she's so proud of him using his words).
  • "I di i"  Translation: I did it.  We were playing with his bowling set and after he knocked over all the pins he said this.  Took me a few seconds to figure out what he was saying, but then I got it. A new phrase I hope to keep hearing over and over!
  • "Mo wawa peeze."  Unnecessary Translation: More water please.  Usually he brings me his empty cup and I ask him what he wants, and then he'll say "mo" or "wawa peeze" but this if the first time he said this as a three word phrase without any prompting.  A few hours later, he said it again.  
  • "Go up."  Absolutely no translation necessary.  And although this is not a new phrase, the fact that there was a "p" at the end of "up" was new.  I've heard "uh" as "up" since he was 16 months old. "Ow" and "Uh" were his first and only words for a looooong time.  He said this multiple times today as we were playing with his car, pushing it up the hill and then letting it "go dow".
  • And finally, today I asked him "Do you want to play in the play room or your room?"  He responded clearly "My oom."  I was stunned, because first of all, I've never heard him say room before (well, 'oom like they do in the Chronicles of Narnia), but also because he knew to say "my" rather than repeat "your."  And then (just to make sure my ears weren't deceiving me), once we entered his room he proudly declared "my 'oom."
So darn proud! 

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