Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Therapeutic Riding Begins!

Kiddo got to meet his therapeutic riding pony today.   Kiddo didn't want to wear the helmet they're required to wear to ride, so he had plenty of time to pet and feed his new friend, Rumplestiltskin. He did learn, however,  how to say "Get it" to the pony thanks to his awesome volunteer who showed him how to feed the pony and who always said that phrase.

The riding center was awesome!  All the volunteers were so friendly and encouraging.  Kiddo had a blast not just with his pony, but saying hi to all the other ponies and horses, watching the goats jumping around in their pen (he told us "silly goat") and petting the friendly dogs that roam the farm.  Kiddo enjoyed himself immensely.

They end each riding session with a horse related story and a craft and while Kiddo didn't want to participate in the craft, he had a blast with the horse toys that they had in the same room with some of the other kids.

There are five children in Kiddo's riding session slot, all of them on their ponies, so cute.  One of them also has apraxia, and so I'll have to talk to his mother more next time I see her.

We'll practice wearing a helmet more at home and maybe he'll be riding his new friend at his riding session next week. :)

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