Friday, July 19, 2013

Last Day of CHAMP Camp

The last day of CHAMP Camp has come and gone. The parent session about sensory processing by Britt Collins, author of Sensory Parenting was absolutely fabulous.  I may just have to purchase her book.

The kiddo continued working on his functional words, also saying "me" and "you" and "uh oh" during his individual session.  He also said "cookie" and "candy" with prompting. :)

Then it was graduation time!  They started with a slide show, and I snapped a photo of all the pics of the kiddo.

The theme of this year's CHAMP Camp was super heroes, so each of the kiddos got a cape with badges for things that they worked on/accomplished during the week.  Ms. Katie shared the kiddo's badges: One for saying "me", one for saying "uh oh" spontaneously, one for working so hard in individual sessions, and one for working so hard on the phrase "I want ____".

Then, the kiddo got a medal for completing CHAMP Camp, which he is extremely proud of and didn't want me to take off. :)

Kiddo and I with Ms. Katie and the creator/director of CHAMP camp, Jodi Kumar

It was, in case you couldn't tell, a fabulous, though exhausting week.  We are excited to be reunited with daddy and little brother who we missed greatly, and heading back home, to put into practice some of the things we learned in camp.


  1. I'm digging the medal. yeah for Ethan.

  2. I can't wait to hear all about what you learned. Yay for Ethan!

  3. Yey from Aus for champ nephew Ethan !