Friday, July 5, 2013

Bath Time Victories

The kiddo used to not a big fan of water due to some sensory processing issues.  He'd cower when it rained, and scream when I wet and rinsed his hair with a washcloth.  But now, he lets me wash and rinse his hair without a complaint.  If some water gets into his eyes he'll point to it and I get the towel and wipe his eyes.  Easy peasy.  Yesterday at bath time he even put the washcloth on top of his own head, water dripping down the sides of his face, and he just grinned.

Bath buddies!
But, and here's the amazing thing, yesterday the kiddo said two amazing things while he was in the bath.

1) Awesome thing number 1:  When little brother doesn't join the kiddo in the bathtub, we use bubbles.  Last night, it was just a bath for the kiddo and as he watched me fill the tub he said "bubba gee".  Translation: Bubbles please.  For the record, that is the first time he has spontaneously used a two word phrase!!!  He'll say two words with prompting, but never on his own.  So of course, we had to do bubbles. :)

2) Awesome thing number 2:  Sometimes, after the kiddo has played for a while and the water has started to cool down I add a little more warm water to the tub before we wash.  The kiddo saw me getting the soap and shampoo ready and said "Ma wawa."  Translation: More water.  Another two word phrase!   So, of course I added more warm water. :)

After those three victories last night, I'm thinking we should do a bath everyday!

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