Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sounds into Words!

Words, glorious words!  We're hearing them!

Our awesome speech therapist encouraged us to help him combine the sounds he is able to say easily.  He is only saying two consonant sounds consistently-w and m- and occasionally b, as well as several vowel sounds.  This means, that with his list of vowel sounds he can say he has successful made the following words:

-ow  (not only for when you're hurt, but apparently it's also the sound toy cars make when they crash)
-uh (for up)
-wawa (for water)
-wa (for want)
-baba (for bye bye)  
-mama  (my all time favorite word so far!)

At first he was only saying these words when we asked him to.  But now, he is spontaneously using these words.  He has realized that he can communicate with his voice and it is a beautiful thing to see and hear.  Keep up the good work, Kiddo!

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